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Campfires and Believers

September 8, 2020

Nothing warms my heart like campfires. As the calendar turns to September, I’m looking forward to cool nights and warm campfires. I absolutely love to build a fire. I always challenge myself to successfully start it with only one match. Starting with a bit of paper or dry tree bark, I add some kindling, and […] ... Read More »

Hope in a Chaotic World

July 8, 2020

Hope. The definition for hope in the dictionary reads “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” Let’s divide that definition in half. “desire for a certain thing to happen” There’s lots of things which I desire to happen. I hope to lose the weight I gained in quarantine! I think […] ... Read More »

Lessons from a Clematis Vine

June 6, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I’ve sure gotten a lot done around my yard this year – much more than I ever accomplish. Now I’m not saying I finished everything, mind you. I could completely fill another twelve weeks of self-quarantine with various yard (and house) projects. The crazy thing is that by this […] ... Read More »

When God does the Inexplicable

April 25, 2020

When God does the inexplicable. Spring 2020. It’s a season few of us will ever forget. Instead of baseball team practice, more dads played catch in the backyard with their sons. Rather than going to school as normal, many teachers sat at tables in their kitchens with laptops open trying to engage students who would […] ... Read More »

A Change Worth Making

March 31, 2020

Change is hard. That’s the theme of life right now. In nearly every aspect of our lives we are facing change – school, work, church and home. Even family relationships are being affected because many are not free to be with the ones they love, and others are now cooped up together! I’ve always enjoyed […] ... Read More »