An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


For what kinds of events are you available?
I speak in church services and events of all kinds and in varied denominations. I have had the privilege of speaking in many women’s events, both evening events, and weekend retreats. Youth groups, senior adult ministries, college campus groups, mission trips, Sunday morning worship services and even children’s camps have invited me to share my story.

How do we plan our event with you?
I will first ask you to describe your group or your church and what they need at this point in life. It is common for groups to choose a theme, and then I prayerfully write the content based on that theme, and for that audience. Sometimes the group leaves the theme completely up to me. Both ways are acceptable.
The conference or event details themselves are up to you. Decorations, music, advertising, and activity planning will come from your own team. I will put your event on my webpage and link it to yours.

How long have you been in the ministry?
I was a pastor’s wife for 20 years. After the accident, God made it clear that He wanted me to share my story. I began to do so in 2006, two years after the accident. Sharing God’s Word is my passion. That is the one thing in my life that never changed.

How far are you willing to travel to speak?
I have shared my story from coast to coast in the United States and even in Brazil with a mission group. I look forward to whatever opportunities God provides.

What if my group is small?
I have spoken to groups from 5 to 500. Every person matters, no group is too small or too large.

What do you charge to come to my group?
I ask that you provide for the costs of my travel and stay. Anything over 500 miles, I prefer to fly. Beyond covering my expenses, I do not have a set fee. That enables me to come to both large and small places. Base my honorarium on what your group can afford. God will take care of the rest.