An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


J. L. Jones

March 29, 2011

I want to introduce you to an amazing man.  I had the awesome privilege of being his wife, and partner in the ministry for almost 20 years. He was my best friend, lover, confidante and teammate.  He loved the Lord, and he loved God’s church.  He spent his life working to share God’s message of […] ... Read More »

He Better

February 9, 2011

From my journal 12-21-04: “People tell me that God must have something great for me to do since He spared me.  I thought “He Better!…….now I’m thinking that it would truly be an act of God to simply survive this and go on to a normal boring life.  That would be huge enough.  Just to […] ... Read More »

David & Goliath – Choosing to Believe

January 20, 2011

I’m going to tell you a story that will be very familiar to you, but maybe with a different twist than you have thought of before.  It’s from I Samuel 16 & 17. David was the youngest of 8 brothers and because of that, he was the shepherd. One day the prophet came to see […] ... Read More »

Comfort in the Mourning

December 19, 2010

Not too long after the accident, I received a journal called “Comfort in the Mourning” from a friend.  At the top of each page was a quote.  I would look through the book until I found a quote that helped describe the thoughts of my heart, then I would write.  I couldn’t face just a […] ... Read More »