An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story

Lora’s Story

Lora, Jayden, Janessa and J. L. Jones
Lora, Jayden, Janessa and J. L. Jones

It was Thanksgiving time in 2004, and my family and I were headed home for the holidays.  It was a delightful evening as we traveled. The kids cheered from the backseat as the rain turned to snow.  School was out, we were headed to Grandma’s and it was snowing - it doesn’t get any better than that!

I fell asleep to the sound of giggling in the back seat as my children teased and played with each other.  But when I awoke, my whole life had changed.  We had been in an accident.  My husband was dead.  My son was dead.  And my daughter would die later that night.  I left the hospital the next day with injuries, nothing life threatening, but without the family I loved so dearly. In the coming months I would have to move, I would quit my employment as the church secretary, and I would begin the long journey of finding answers from my God.

With all of my identity gone, and my heart full of sorrow, fear, anger, and intense loneliness,  I had only one place to look for answers.  He slowly began to answer my questions.  He taught me how to find strength, and what it means to forgive.  Most of all, He showed me how to want to live again.  Healing for pain doesn't come by eliminating the sorrow.  It comes from allowing joy to re-enter a life of pain.  In that realization, I began to find hope, and the embers of love are beginning to be fanned into flame.

Many people face insurmountable pain in this world.  Many have asked questions of why, but not found the answers.  Others have not dared to even ask the questions of their hearts.  I want to share with others the answers of hope that I have found from our living God.

This is no ordinary story, but then we don't have an ordinary God.

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