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Bible Study

Genesis 10-11 – God’s Creative Discipline

March 30, 2017

Once more, time goes by as people begin to multiply in number.  Genesis chapter 10 chronicles the generations coming from Noah.  The more you study the Bible, the more you will recognize some of these people groups and places from the chapters and books to come.  For the purposes of our study, however, we will ... Read More »

Genesis 8-9 – Waiting

March 23, 2017

Have you ever considered how long Noah and his family were waiting on the ark?  It took only forty days for the world to be covered with water, but it took many months for the water to recede.  The timeline is given in reference to Noah.  “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on ... Read More »

Genesis 6-7 – The Flood

March 16, 2017

God came to a very grave conclusion concerning man’s wickedness.  He would send a flood to destroy every living thing on earth, including the animals.  Nothing missed His eye as He looked across the world, including one man who walked with God in the midst of a world gone completely evil. Noah was righteous (6:9) ... Read More »

Genesis 5:1-6:6 – Generations

March 9, 2017

Chapter 5 simply lists the generations from Adam to Noah.  Don’t take the temptation to only scan over it.  It’s full of interesting information. Notice how long everyone lived in those days! As we discussed in Chapter 1, the earth was surrounded by a layer of water, allowing all of nature, including man, to be ... Read More »

Genesis 4 – Cain & Abel

March 2, 2017

As time goes by, Adam and Eve began having children. Genesis Chapter 4 tells us about two of their grown sons. Abel is a shepherd, and a follower of God. Cain is a farmer who doesn’t like rules. Adam and Eve’s struggle with obeying God continues in their son. When the time came for them ... Read More »