An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


Starving to death

February 9, 2017

I watch the television series “Alone.”  This season, there were 10 individuals who were left in isolated places throughout Patagonia, in the southern end of South America.  Their goal is to survive as long as possible by themselves.  They have a few tools given to them, but basically they must live from the land, build ... Read More »

Nothing is Impossible for God

January 14, 2017

I’ve had some amazing conversations lately.  I’m working on writing my autobiography.  As I talk to people who have impacted my life, or have walked with me through our shared circumstances, memories of what God has done have overwhelmed me.  Truly, nothing is impossible for God. One of those memories is of a man who ... Read More »

Amazing Grace

October 25, 2016

I love to remember.  This weekend, as I sat outside enjoying God’s beautiful day, I asked Him to help me remember a story about Janessa.  He overwhelmingly answered my prayer.    As I enjoyed the story replaying in my mind’s eye, I remembered a special book at home where I had written down some of those ... Read More »

Burnt Chicken

September 29, 2016

Recently I was challenged by an old journal entry from 2006: “Yesterday I went to Hungry Henrys.  I had Chicken Alfredo.  The chicken tasted burnt, but didn’t look burnt.  I thought they must have cut off the burnt part and served the rest – but the burn had tainted the flavor of the chicken.   We’re like ... Read More »

When things turn out all wrong

August 4, 2016

Sometimes you think you are doing things right, and it turns out all wrong. In studying for Sunday School recently, I encountered the story of David bringing the ark of the covenant home to Jerusalem.  The ark was an incredibly important piece of the Israelite’s worship.  It was supposed to be in the most holy place ... Read More »