An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story



April 16, 2015

I was reading this morning in Exodus, preparing for Sunday School.  I came across a verse that really knocked me up the side of the head.  It’s in the middle of the story about Moses leading the people of Israel out of slavery.  The people have seen amazing things – miraculous things – things that […] ... Read More »


February 12, 2015

Yesterday I was reading one of my mom’s magazines and came across a list of recipes that they described as “comfort foods.”  I chose one and made it for lunch!  It was a homemade chicken pie, with biscuits on top, made in a cast iron skillet.  For me, it really was comfort food.  It reminded […] ... Read More »

Hearing the words of God

January 5, 2015

It’s hard to imagine how Rebekah must have felt when someone arrived from another country with 10 camels in a caravan, loaded with golden gifts for her and her family.  ... Read More »

A Moment in Time

June 17, 2014

Have you ever thought about how in a simple moment’s time, all of life can change?  There are many of these throughout life, some more earth-shaking than others, but each one turns our life in such a way that we are never the same again. The moment you say “I do.” The cry of your […] ... Read More »

A Simpler Way

March 10, 2014

  The last 3 weeks we have been studying the book of Job in Sunday School.  I must say that I have avoided that book like the plague because it raises many of the questions of my own heart.  The fact that Job had two rounds of horror in his life has always made me […] ... Read More »