An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


Women’s Bible Study Retreat for Liberal Kansas

Feb 15, 2020, First Christian Church, Liberal KS

Peter’s Faith Journey Women’s Bible Study Retreat Saturday, February 15 10:00 am -4:00 pm Lunch provided. I’m excited to announce a women’s retreat for my own hometown! First Christian Church in Liberal, KS is hosting a one day Bible study retreat for our community. The church is located at 10th and Clay. Bring your Bible, ... Details »

Seymour Rogers Middle School

Feb 13, 2020, Liberal, KS

I love teenagers. Yep, you heard me right. I love their curiosity and their willingness to ask questions and wonder out loud. That’s why I’m excited to return to Seymour Rogers Middle School again this year as a hometown author. (Even though it’s been almost a year since my book was released, it still feels ... Details »

First Christian Church

Feb 9, 2020, Liberal, KS

  Come join us for worship at First Christian in Liberal, KS! This week we will be studying “Jonah and the Worm.” You may be thinking, “Wait, what? I thought it was Jonah and the Whale!” Well, you are thinking of the right story – but have you ever considered the second animal he encountered ... Details »

First Christian Church

Jan 26, 2020, Liberal, KS

I look forward to being back with the wonderful people of First Christian Church in Liberal, KS! If you are looking for a church to call home, I hope you will consider coming to visit First Christian. I love their music and the privilege of taking communion together each week. While they are without a ... Details »

Turpin Mennonite Church

Dec 29, 2019, Turpin, OK

I’m delighted to return to Turpin Mennonite Church for the last Sunday of the year. Please come join us as we open the Word of God together and look forward to the coming of 2020. To find more information about  Turpin Mennonite Church, see their website. The church is located in the country between Liberal and ... Details »