An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


A Unique Event

Feb 21, 2022 - Feb 28, 2022, Branson, MO

I’m excited to tell you about a unique event! Since this is a private event, I’ll share only the story behind it – in hopes that it might strike someone else as a great idea! A couple owns a time share in Branson. They decided they would love to host a retreat for people, instead […] ... Details »

First Christian Church

Feb 13, 2022, Liberal, KS

When Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World,” no one expected Him to prove it by opening the eyes of a man born blind! But that’s exactly what He did. In John 9, the reactions of those nearby are astounding. Why would they not want to believe? Come join us this Sunday at […] ... Details »

First Christian Church

Feb 6, 2022

Often in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), the same stories are repeated by different authors. Each author has a particular viewpoint, and he includes different things that he felt were important to the story. Today, we will look at a story of Jesus which is in three of the gospels. It’s an incredible […] ... Details »

Fall Retreat for Grace Community Church

Jan 15, 2022, Hillsboro, KS

I Choose Joy Grace Community Fellowship Ladies Fall Retreat January 15, 2022 Grace Community had to reschedule this event from last fall, due to some covid cases in their church family. We are thrilled to report that everyone is doing well. So, now, we are rescheduling the retreat! Thank you Lord, for bringing us through […] ... Details »

First Christian Church

Jan 9, 2022, Liberal, KS

Have you ever lost hope? Been disappointed? Tried everything and couldn’t bring about any change? This Sunday, we will study about two men in the scripture who lost hope and struggled with their faith. Come and see how Jesus responded to their physical needs in order to bring them not only hope, but also faith. […] ... Details »