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A Moment in Time

June 17, 2014

Have you ever thought about how in a simple moment’s time, all of life can change?  There are many of these throughout life, some more earth-shaking than others, but each one turns our life in such a way that we are never the same again.

The moment you say “I do.”
The cry of your newborn baby.
Moving across the country to a new job.
Adopting a child.
Signing a divorce decree.
Graduating from school.
Standing beside a freshly dug grave.
Hearing the doctor say, “It’s cancer.”

What you decide to do following that moment in time will change all future moments.  Perhaps there are thousands more of these than we want to realize.  Like for instance, the moment that we decide to stop and help someone along the way may change their life forever.  The moment we decide to sponsor a child will forever change a child, a family, maybe even a community.  The moment we end a friendship with someone who needs us, may be the last time they take a risk to love.  The moment we decide we can never forgive may be the moment we begin down the slippery road of bitterness.  The moment we decide to take the risk to speak up may save a life, or a relationship, or even a church.

And the moment we decide to believe there’s a God, and He offers both love and forgiveness……life truly begins to have meaning, even in the earth-shattering moments to come.


Well said…. makes us think…
makes me realize that is when we make “those decisions”… the ones which determine where we are in life. Hard to accept the responsibility of that, but it’s the way it is… even though we can’t control the circumstance, we do control our response.
Keep teachin !!! Love ya

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