An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


Cross of grief

May 30, 2012

Recently I found myself sitting in my favorite chair and asking God to stop the spinning thoughts in my head.  A song came to my mind… old, old hymn.  “Be Still My Soul”  I couldn’t remember the words, so I looked it up.  It is a beautiful old hymn, and it seemed like it was ... Read More »


March 28, 2012

When I first started speaking in 2006, it didn’t seem to me like I had that much to say.  People were wanting to know how I survived, how I could get up in the morning.  They wanted to hear the story, and they wanted answers.  I didn’t know what to say.  ... Read More »


February 25, 2012

This past weekend I spent remembering.  A dear friend from college invited me quite some time ago to come and spend the weekend with her and make quilts from my kids’ t-shirts. ... Read More »

Dead Bug

October 17, 2011

I want to share an old journal entry with you today. “I need you, my Rock.  My brain is mush.  I can’t carry on much of a conversation and I can’t remember what you have told me. ... Read More »


September 22, 2011

People have asked me many times who was to blame for the accident.  It was an accident.  The weather that night was rain changing into snow.  No one expected ice because the weather had been so unseasonably warm that year.   ... Read More »