An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


South Church of God

Aug 6, 2017, Liberal, KS

Why We Miss the Miracles The story of the man born blind in John 9 is the backdrop for our discussion of miracles. When Jesus healed the man, everyone had questions to ask and an opinion to share. They were so bent on understanding what had happened, that they missed the excitement of the miracle! ... Details »

South Church of God

Jul 30, 2017, Liberal, KS

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His word. This morning we will look together at the old hymn, “Tis So Sweet.”  What are the promises of God to those who trust Him? There are so many, we will only be able to look at a few!  “I’m so glad ... Details »

Moscow United Methodist Church

Jul 23, 2017, Moscow, KS

Moses is a vivid illustration of a simple, ordinary person’s story being used to display God’s miraculous power.  This Sunday we will look together at Moses’ life story from the book of Exodus.  Moses was born a slave, but grew up in a palace.  When he tried to rescue his own people from slavery, he ... Details »

Moscow United Methodist Church

Jul 16, 2017, Moscow, KS

Almost daily our lives are filled with experiences of disappointment with others. In a world where respect and integrity are fading, how can we continue to love and honor people, especially those who treat us unfairly? The Scripture gives us the answer in I John 4:19: “We love because He first loved us.”  God reaches ... Details »

Falls Creek Youth Camp

Jul 2, 2017 - Jul 8, 2017, Davis, OK

It is with great joy that I return to Falls Creek!  I will have the great pleasure of being a camp sponsor for both First Baptist, Liberal, KS and Garland Road Baptist Church in Enid, OK.  The two churches are joining together to share a cabin, and the costs of the week. Falls Creek is ... Details »