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Jumping to Daddy

January 22, 2013

Remember when the kids were little and they would just randomly jump toward you and expect you to catch them?  You could turn around and suddenly have a flying child coming right at you from the edge of a chair, bed, or even a table.

It was always so fun to catch them, watching their faces beam with trust, and the exhilaration of the flight.  It always ended in a hug or a kiss, and a giggle.

Remember the look on their face when you missed?  It started as complete bewilderment, and then sorrow, maybe pain, mixed with doubt, as they considered what it could possibly mean that you would drop them.

Remember how you felt about that look on their face?  I’m sure that part of your heart tried to explain that they can’t jump unless you are looking – and when you don’t have your hands full….or whatever.  But the other part of your heart must have thought, “Oh no, please don’t quit trusting me.  I would never hurt you out of meanness.  I love you.”

I wonder.  Sometimes I feel like God has dropped me….and I know that He always sees me, and always  has room in His hands for me.  So why sometimes, does it seem like He wasn’t paying attention?  When those times come, I find myself looking up at Him like a child, with that look that is deciding if I will continue to trust him.

I wonder how he feels about that look.  He sees the big picture and knows why I fell, or feel like I’m falling.  Sometimes He answers my question, and sometimes He doesn’t.  But I think that all the time, His heart must be saying, “Oh no, please don’t quit trusting me.  I would never hurt you out of meanness.  I love you.”

Keep jumping Child of God.


What a great article Lora. My mom passed away 1-25-13 and once again I must look to HIM and trust that He will help us with this pain. Love and miss you my friend.

This is a great reminder that God is so much more than a cosmic magician. He’s a loving father who wants us to trust Him. And look to Him as a daddy that never misses the jump!

Thanks for fresh reminder Lora!

Hi Lora!
I am thinking of you on this Easter Sunday. Thank you for your compassion towards others as you speak clearly the questions that go through some of our minds and guide us to the answers. May God continue to always bless us richly through you. Love You!

I feel that way often and it’s weird because I’ve read this blog awhile back and didn’t feel the need to respond. I think I confuse God catching with me with how I specifically want him to do so and don’t realize that often he already has and will never let go. I know that God catches me I think my struggle lies with if he holds on tight or if he loses his grip. Trusting in him always even when I can’t see or feel what he’s doing is my key to this. Thanks so much for this reminder of God’s strong hold on us all. 🙂

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