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Bible Study

Genesis 3 – The First Sin

February 23, 2017

In a week’s time, all of the heavens were created. Life with God and man walking together in the Garden of Eden was wonderful. Then in a day’s time, it all simply fell apart. It started with a lie. Satan is crafty and cruel. From the very beginning of time, he has twisted God’s words. ... Read More »

Genesis 2 – God’s Relationship with Man

February 16, 2017

In the second chapter of Genesis, God begins His personal relationship with us.  Please pause and read the entire chapter. First, He began with man.  I wonder what it was like for the angels to watch God form a new creation.  Gathering dust with His fingertips, God molded it together to form a body.  As ... Read More »

Genesis 1 – Creation Bible Study

February 9, 2017

Thank you for joining me for “Beginnings,” a Bible Study on Genesis!  What a joy to study the story of Creation with you!  Before we begin, please pray with me.  “Father, thank you for the opportunity to study Your Word with my friends.  I humbly ask that each person who pauses to read from the Bible ... Read More »

“Beginnings,” A Bible Study on Genesis 1-11

January 23, 2017

Watch for “Beginnings,” a new Bible Study on Genesis beginning Thursday, February 9, 2017!  I’ve never hosted a virtual Bible study before, but I sure hope you will join me!  Whether you are new to studying Scripture, or a veteran, you are welcome to both read, and to participate by leaving your comments.  The devotions ... Read More »