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Genesis 10-11 – God’s Creative Discipline

March 26, 2019

The first page of Genesis from the BiblePause for a moment and ask God to speak to you as you read today. Then read Chapters 10 and 11 of Genesis.

Once more, time goes by as people begin to multiply in number.  Genesis chapter 10 chronicles the generations coming from Noah.  The more you study the Bible, the more you will recognize some of these people groups and places from the chapters and books to come.  For the purposes of our study, however, we will not pause to look at those details.  Instead, we will continue with the overall story line of the beginnings of God’s work among his created people.

The beginning of chapter 11 answers the question we ended with last week:  Would they obey this time?  Would they be fruitful and multiply and spread across the whole earth, as God commanded them in Genesis 9:1?

No, they won’t.  They determine to build a “….city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth” (11:4).  God’s simple command told them to spread out, and take care of the whole earth.  They were to care for the land, not wall themselves into cities.  They were to worship God, not make a name for themselves.

God’s words in verse 6 are puzzling.  “If as one people speaking the same language, they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”  At first reading, it seems as if God is worried about them overpowering Him.  Instead, I believe God is reflecting upon the wickedness which took over the earth in Noah’s day.  Working together, people can entice each other to great evil.  God wanted them to spread across the land, not only to care for it, but because creation itself speaks to God’s character.  The more people cared for the land, the more they would experience God.

When we trust in God, we have no need to point to ourselves. When we trust in God, we will obey Him. In fact, as we obey Him, we can trust Him to provide for our needs, or even rescue us as He did Noah.  Likewise, when we don’t obey Him, He will stop us…with His own creative discipline.

God reached down from heaven and stopped the people of the world in a very unique way.  He changed their speech.  Suddenly, they could not communicate with each other.  In a massive game of trial and error, people found others who spoke the same language they did.  Those people gathered together and moved off to live in community.  The effect was to force people to do exactly what He had commanded them to do in the first place:  to fill the whole earth.

“Father, I know that sometimes I’m stubborn and disobedient to you. Please stop me when I can’t stop myself, and give me the will to obey. I want to serve you always. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

God’s creative discipline slowed the spread of evil.  He kept His promise not to destroy them.  His love kept Him from giving up.  Instead, He actually helped them obey!  Meanwhile, He watched for the family who chose to worship and obey Him.

The chapter continues by listing the descendants of Shem, Noah’s son.  Notice how the length of their lives decreases as time goes on.  The consequences of the flood continue to effect the people.  The absence of the protective layer of water above them means they can no longer live the long, fruitful lives of their ancestors.

Why did He list Shem’s descendants for us?  Because his bloodline will eventually lead us to Christ.   God will keep His promise to Eve.  Satan will be defeated.  The chapter ends with a seed of hope.  Abram has now been born.  If you continue with me into the next study, we will see Abram become the ancestral father of Israel, whose blood line will lead us to Jesus.

Questions for thought:

  • In what ways does God continue to prove His existence through nature today?
  • What creative methods has God used to stop you when you were heading away from Him?
  • What have you learned from God this last 8 weeks as you studied the Beginnings of Creation and God’s relationship with us?


I believe God shows Himself through nature in huge ways like Kansas sunsets, clear beautiful skies, mountains, oceans, and amazing beauty. Also in small ways like flowers and perfect coloring on gorgeous little birds. God seems to love detail. It feels like He is everywhere in nature.

He has sometimes stopped me when I was headed the wrong direction the same way He did with His people all those years ago, with confusion. I didn’t think about it at the time, but when I get confused or don’t really understand, it forces me to stop and pray and think, and maybe take some time to really listen to Him. God is not the author of confusion but maybe He can actually use it to slow me down and make me listen. He is so creative.

Thank you for sharing this study with us Lora. It reminds me that God has a plan. He always has and always will. He is in control and He loves us. God bless you.

I always used to tease that when it is thundering outside that it is God and the angels bowling. Well I do believe that God created everything in our nature to thrive and gave us means to take care of it. God proves his existence through it all with showing us signs. Sometimes, good and sometimes not so good but he shows himself through it. Example, he may not have created the fires but he has shown his kindness and love through communities coming together to help not only put them out and secret them throughout our Panhandle but also for others to come together and help those that have suffered through them.
God has told me to do things that if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t follow through and do. He has taught me so much about myself lately.
I learned from God that he has always given us the chance to do what is right in his eyes and we always chose the wrong path the first time. God is loving but he always knows what is best for us. Even through punishment he always gives us a path back to him and that has shown me that even though we give up on him easily he NEVER will give up on us. That is amazing. I can learn to love my God who always selflessly loves me.

Thank you Lora for taking your time to create this Bible study​ and encourage and invite me. I will try to continue in with the next one.

Teresa, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I love how you showed God at work in both the good and the bad situations in life.

Belinda, this intrigues me. I never thought about confusion being a tool God uses to slow me down. That’s very insightful. God must try to slow me down a lot! 😉

I love this first question. Since God created our world, we should see him in everything. I am someone who does take time to notice nature, the stars, a beautiful sunset. It’s ironic that I could ever take in the beauty of those things and not immediately thank God for creating them!

God has set my path straight many times and I have faith that He will continue to do so ? There have been so many individual things that God has done to get my attention. Anytime, I lose my focus He has always made a way back for me. Thank you Lord for second chances.

Lora, I have enjoyed this Bible study and look forward to continuing. This is the the first time I am reading the Bible all the way through. I pray that I will continue to learn as well as build on my relationship with God through this process.

Shawna, Thank you so much for joining me on the Bible study – and having the courage to comment. I look forward to the next segment with you!

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