An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


Janessa Jones

March 29, 2011

I want you to meet my beautiful daughter, Janessa Ann Jones.  She was born into this world on October 25, 1990.

When she was small, everyone described her as a “precious moments doll.”  And she was exactly that.  Easy to raise with a beautiful smile, she loved to be around people from the very beginning.

She loved the Lord and invited Him into her heart as a small child.  The summer after her 7th grade year, she surrendered to the music ministry, hoping to use her voice to share the Lord with others.

She had lots of friends, and she made a difference in their lives with her honest, open approach.  I hope that you will enjoy the following testimony from one of those friends.


“It’s really hard to say just how she impacted my life. She was my first, real best friend. I’d never really had any friends until we became close (I couldn’t stand her at first; funny how things work out). Janessa is what really got me excited about church and learning more about Christianity. It’s so hard to say what was impacted because it’s been almost 7 years; that just seems crazy. When I think back on our friendship, I just remember her always being there. Through all my ups and downs, and I had A LOT of those in middle school. She was so genuine. She wasn’t afraid to tell you when you were wrong and she wasn’t afraid to open up about what she was struggling with. There are so few people that are that special. I feel so lucky to have been her friend for those few, so short years.

What was so great about her is that she was honest and open. I can’t think of anytime she tried to be something other than she was. She was open about everything, regarding her, family, church, boys, and friendships, but she was never harsh. Just honest. That’s what makes her friendship and her memory so beautiful.”


“Janessa saw me with my heart in pieces and ready to give up, and showed me what it meant to be truly happy. She cared when the other people I had once called my friends gave up on me. She was the kind of person that no matter how much you were disliked by everyone else she gave you your own shot. Once you messed up, she gave you another shot and another shot. She never gave up. She was there in some of the most horrible times of my life. I wish that the year and a half I knew her had been longer. It seemed like forever though. We had a tight group of friends, where one was the others weren’t far behind and Janessa held us together. She reminded me of where I had been and what I had to look forward to after I let everything go. I miss her greatly and now that I have my own daughter I hope that she grows up and shows the same humility that Janessa did. Janessa was the girl who left footprints on my heart so that way when I get lost I can just feel them and know that eventually if I do what is right Ill find the answers I was looking for.”



Wow she sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to sing with her in heaven one day. 🙂

Beautiful daughter inside and out. These testimonies bear witness of her love for God, family and friends. ❣

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