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August 2, 2015

I’ve been working in my garden a lot lately.  There’s always something to do out there.  Watering, weeding, harvesting, pruning, spraying, so much to do to maintain a healthy garden.  This year has been a great year for gardening.  The harvest has been overabundant!

Living in Southwest Kansas means that my garden has sandy soil.  That’s probably one reason why I like to work in the dirt.  Who doesn’t like to play in the sandbox?  When you get up, you can just brush it off, and it doesn’t stain your clothes.

I don’t so much like to hoe though.  I’d rather sit down in the dirt and pull the weeds by hand.  That way I can get the whole root out and it will be awhile before any more weeds come up there.  As long as I keep the garden watered well, the roots come out easily.  If I let it get dry though, the heads just snap off and the roots remain embedded in the ground.

As I was gardening this week, God made that point pretty clear to me.  If I want to be able to pull out the stubborn sin in my life, I have to keep the ground watered.  Otherwise I’m just wasting my time trying to look like I have things under control.

How do I keep the soil of my life watered?  It’s easy really.  Water for the plants is as easy as turning on the hose.  Living water for my life comes as easily as opening the Bible and beginning to read.  It takes time to soak in, just like the water in my garden.  I can’t just get a small drink once or twice a week and expect the weeds to come out easily.

Start the water in your garden today and maybe tomorrow some of the weeds will be easier to pull.



I LOVE this! Actually, I love everything you write, but this really spoke to my soul on this particular morning. Thanks! Such a simple concept and yet we make it so hard. It’s not. Just keep watering the soul with living water. All that should thrive in our lives will do much better, and all that needs plucked and removed will be much easier to do so. It doesn’t mean sin won’t appear, but it is much easier to remove from the “root” and there should be fewer of them. AND, if we pluck it out as soon as we discover it’s arrival in our lives, the easier it will be to remove. What an analogy! God speaks through you, Sweet Lora. He always has. I felt it from the moment we first met in 1999…Thanks for being the family God provided for us when He sent us so far from home. Precious moments, precious memories, precious friendship.

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