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Song of a Wounded Heart

March 5, 2019

I curled up in my study chair with a blanket this morning, ready to start my day with prayer. The day ahead overwhelmed me. I’m emotional, feeling rather uncertain about the release of “my song” to the world today.  As I looked out the window, I tried to form words to say to my Lord. Instead, the tears just started dripping down my cheeks.

“Please use this for your glory.”

I know I don’t need to ask. It’s what He promised, and He always keeps His promises. Asking helps me remember though – and helps me push through the pain of obedience.

“Listen,” He said.

The hum of the furnace at first seemed to be the only sound. And then I heard them. Birds of all descriptions erupted in song. Soft coos, stuttering chit-chit-chits, and squawking cries mixed with the melodies of songbirds as they all proclaimed the appearance of the sun. I tried to separate out the sounds and determine how many different types of birds perched in my trees.

All different. Every species made by my Lord.

Each one singing their song.

The soft whistle of the tea kettle reminded me to pour myself a cup of tea. With a steaming cup in my hands, I returned to my chair. The beautiful sounds of the birds competed with the chaotic thoughts of my heart.

This is the beginning of something – it’s like stepping onto a train without knowing its destination.

I opened the book I’ve been reading for my reflection time with the Lord. It’s What if Jesus Meant What He Said? by Nate Bramsten. His topic has been denial of self. This is what I read:

“You hand God a blank contract to do as He wishes with your life, with your dreams, with your relationships, with your death. Remember, His care for you is unrivaled, His power is limitless, his love is eternal, and His wisdom is unfathomable. You can trust Him! The story He wants to paint on the canvas of your life is far greater than you could imagine. And it will be eternally significant.”

Eternally significant. That’s what I want – for God to use our story to lead others to Himself. And I’m confident that’s what  my husband, J. L., and children, Janessa and Jayden desire. They have the distinct advantage of seeing the destination of this train from heaven. Perhaps God has even allowed them to see some of the excursions ahead of me on earth.

My thoughts returned to the sound of the birds singing out my window. They don’t know the future either, they are only celebrating the warmth of the sunshine on this cold day with a joyful song.

Ok then. So will I.

“This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

Cover of "Song of a Wounded Heart" by Lora JonesMy family’s story, Song of a Wounded Heart, releases as an e-book today.

Click on the picture to go to my website. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to order the e-book from any of the online bookstores listed  (or check your own favorite, it may be there too!). It will be released in paperback form in June. These links will help you pre-order the paperback as well.

May God use this story to sing a song of hope to your soul.


Oh, my friend. What a glorious day in the Lord. And quite a day for you, I know. It’s hard to celebrate because of the story itself and yet it is a day to celebrate in Him, His story, His purpose, and your complete surrender and obedience to Him. The story God has written in your life will have an eternal impact. God is good, in all things, as evident in the darkest hours . . . for such a time as this. Love and prayers to you sweet Lora.

I love you my friend! I love how Christ has anointed you to write in such a manner that you bring us right into your living room this morning… wrapped up in a cozy blanket; drinking hot tea with you, while hearing the song birds! I celebrate with you on this day of your story being released to a bigger audience than you ever imagined. Only God does these kind of marvelous things with our pain and our obedience to Him.

Rhonda and Rita,
Thank you so much for your encouragement and your prayers! It is a very bittersweet day – some moments I celebrate what God has done and will do, and others I cry in grief. I’m grateful to know there’s an army of prayer warriors out there who are holding me up – and I’m even more grateful for the God who holds us all.
If I could, I would bring every individual person who reads this book into my living room, where we could talk, and laugh and cry together. Someday, we will do exactly that, in heaven together for eternity.

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