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Show Me Your Glory, Part 2

July 11, 2013

I have enjoyed reading the comments that a few of you have posted on my last blog.  It’s not too late to add your thoughts and stories and I hope that you will!

Since I posted that last blog, I have seen God move in a mighty way in my life.  I have recently purchased a rental house, because I felt that God wanted me to.  The only instructions he gave me were to buy it, and to watch.

I was not able to simply watch, I had to come up with a plan, and begin to implement it.  I began to feel frustrated and worried that I had done the wrong thing in buying the house when that plan did not seem to be working out.

God must sometimes get so frustrated with me.

Then, through an unusual set of circumstances….a wedding shower of all places….God put me in contact with the person he had in mind.  As soon as the phone call came, my heart stirred within me and I knew that God was saying, “This is what I wanted you to watch.  All the rest of your planning was unnecessary.”

Within a couple of days, God’s plan was clear, and the family renting it will be a new pastor who is moving to Liberal.  He had a plan all along for this family, and this house.  He made the way for them.  All I had to do was watch.

It’s stories like that that keep me going when I can’t see what God is doing around me.  I should have stopped and remembered other stories like that in my life from the past, and knew that I could just trust Him to show Himself at the right time and place.

I think He delights in astounding us.  If I just let Him, and not be off on my own path, heading the wrong direction, and not even see it, because I was not patient enough to just watch and wait.


So I have posted once already in your other blog, but it dawned on me how God has shown his presence to me to recently. I know Lora knows my story, but for those of you who do not here it goes. In a very brief sum up my husband and I lost our first born daughter August 03 2012, almost one year ago and since our grieving process has been so unpredictable. Since then my husband chose to go back to college and I am now finishing my degree and have had so many doubts. Well I prayed for clarity and guidance and all along I felt God wasn’t listening when really I wasn’t. Instead he blessed me with a wonderful distraction when one of my good friends asked me to be her Maid of Honor. I felt so blessed that I cried when I accepted. This may not make sense to any of you, but I knew that was God’s way of sending me a distraction so that he could work on the big questions on my life. I forget that only God knows my true path and I am not in control of everything. This was a sign from God to do my best not to worry about what my future holds and enjoy the gifts along the way.

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