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He Still Came

January 6, 2024

The cross represents the incredible love of our God. He still came to save us, even though we have turned away from Him.

He Still Came.

One recent December Sunday, as I stood in worship with my church family, I became overwhelmed with the incredible steadfast love of our God.

The words resounded within me over and over as stories throughout the Bible flipped through my mind.  He still came!

In the very beginning of time, God created this world and its inhabitants of all kinds. From that very first moment, He desired a relationship with his creation. In fact, He walked with the first two people, Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden.

But they turned away from Him. They believed the lies of the snake instead. They even lied to God and hid from Him.  Even so, God’s faithful love stayed true. Though He punished their disobedience, God promised that a Savior would come someday and defeat the snake.

In the generations after Adam and Eve, most turned away from their Creator. Yet God kept reaching out to them, over and over.

When God chose Abraham, He gave his solemn vow that Abraham’s family would become a great nation. In fact, He promised that all the world would be blessed through them. Through this promise, God whispered again that a Savior will come and defeat the snake.

Generations later, Abraham’s family became slaves in Egypt. With a mighty display of His power, God came and rescued them.  He promised to be their God, if only they would love Him in return.

They did not. They turned away from Him and chose a king to lead them instead.

Across the centuries, God continued to reach out to His people – through prophets and priests, and even through their kings. King David loved the Lord with all of his heart. God promised David that his kingdom would never end. Through these words, God whispered His promise once again. A Savior will come and defeat the snake.

Yet even David’s family turned away from God. They followed other gods who could not keep their promises, who did not love them like their Creator – gods made by the people’s own hands.

Eventually, God allowed his people to be defeated by neighboring nations and be carried away to other lands. But even then, God continued reaching out to them through prophets who told them that God would bring them home again – and reminded them of the everlasting promise of a Savior who will come to defeat the snake.

Sure enough, God made a way for them to return. Joyful worship resounded in the new temple. Surely this time, the people will stay faithful to their God. But no.

Once again, over time, most turned away from their God. Prophets disappeared and God grew silent.

One would think that He had given up.

But no.

He still came.

Just like He promised from the beginning of time. Jesus came to pay the penalty for our sin on our behalf, in order to render the snake powerless . . .

You know what that means? He will come back again. Just like Jesus said He would. Even though our world has turned away from Him for the millionth time. Even though most no longer believe.

Jesus will still come and fully defeat the snake.

Because of his incredible, steadfast love.

John 14:1-6; John 3:16


I LOVE this. He still came. He is still here. He will still come again. He is still I AM.

Kari Jobe’s version of “Be Still my Soul” was beautiful! John and I are recovering from Covid and I truly needed this encouragement today Lora! Thank you sweet friend!
Your blog post was good as well…. And I’m so glad “He Still Came!”
I hope you are well and doing good in this New Year!
Love in Christ!
Linda Hogeland

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