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Dead Bug

October 17, 2011

I want to share an old journal entry with you today.

“I need you, my Rock.  My brain is mush.  I can’t carry on much of a conversation and I can’t remember what you have told me.

Oh mighty warrior fight for me.  I am struggling to see what is you and where I’ve been deceived.  Crush the enemy for me, my strong Beloved.  Shelter me in your wing.  Be my God of peace and crush Satan underneath my feet.  I will rejoice like a child who steps on a dead bug and thinks she’s won.”

I remember that when I wrote this, I had read somewhere about the child feeling victorious over stepping on a dead bug.  It struck me so clearly that we are like that.  Satan is already defeated.  When we rejoice in the victory, it is such a big thing to us, but it’s such a small thing to God.  He did the work that defeated the enemy a long time ago.  It is our privilege to live like the bug is dead.


so we’re not the child but the bug? I’m confused… Explain if possible. I sure love this though

We Are The Child Theresa. Just Like The Child Squashes A Dead Bug And Thinks She Has Saved The World From Danger….When She Has Really Done Nothing At All…..We Are Like That Child When We Think That We Have Fought Satan And Won…..He Is Already Defeated…..We Just Need To Live Like Satan Is The Dead Bug That He Is. Make Sense? ( Sorry All My Words Are Capped….It Does That When I Answer These From My Phone….)

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