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Turpin Mennonite Church

Jul 29, 2018, Turpin, OK

The summer is quickly disappearing. Have you accomplished all your summer projects yet? I always have more goals than I have available time! In the midst of the beautiful weather and numerous opportunities for outside entertainment, I hope you have not neglected time with the Lord at his church. it’s easy to do. This Sunday, ... Details »

Turpin Mennonite Church

Jul 8, 2018, Turpin, OK

Harvest is upon us. I love to drive through the countryside and watch the huge machines bring in the grain. It brings back wonderful memories of riding in the combine with my Daddy. This year harvest brings both joy and sorrow to the farmers in our area. For some, the late April freeze came at ... Details »

South Church of God

Apr 29, 2018, Liberal, KS

The last forty days had flown by. Each time Jesus appeared among them, the room filled with joy and anticipation. He taught them from the Scriptures about his kingdom, and about the future. Now, they gathered around Him, drinking in His words.  He told them to wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came to ... Details »

South Church of God

Apr 1, 2018, Liberal, KS

Easter Sunrise Service 7:15 a.m. It had been the worst few days of Mary Magdalene’s life. As she walked through the quiet city streets, the weekend’s scenes replayed over and over in her head. Every moment forever engraved in her memory. “He’s gone. Jesus is gone.” The agonizing words pierced her very soul. She had ... Details »

Turpin Mennonite Church

Mar 18, 2018, Turpin, OK

As the smell of spring comes into the air, I hope creation reminds you of the Creator. There’s no better time than spring to start something new. Find a church to attend this Sunday. If you aren’t sure where to go, come join me at Turpin Mennonite Church. The church is located in the country, ... Details »