An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


South Church of God

Apr 29, 2018, Liberal, KS

The last forty days had flown by. Each time Jesus appeared among them, the room filled with joy and anticipation. He taught them from the Scriptures about his kingdom, and about the future. Now, they gathered around Him, drinking in His words.  He told them to wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came to them.

Then suddenly, He seemed to float up into heaven while they watched in awe. Each one of them froze in place, staring into the clouds, wondering what would happen next.

Angels appeared over the heads. “Why are you staring at the sky?” they asked. “This same Jesus will return the same way you have watched Him go.”

Come join us for the continuation of our series on Peter. Will Peter bravely speak for Jesus, or deny knowing Him again? How does the promise of Jesus’ return effect his life, and the lives of the others?

South Church of God
10:30 a.m. Sunday morning service
 635 S. Washington