An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


Pleasant Prairie Church of God

May 14, 2017, Satanta, KS

Pleasant Prairie Church of God

Sunday School 9:30

Worship 10:45

Sunday, May 14 is a big day for Pleasant Prairie.  It’s graduation Sunday and Mother’s Day.  Perhaps there’s no better combination!  As you look around the sanctuary, you will see pride in the eyes of every mother who has a child graduating today.

Graduation brings excitement for everyone, but it also brings a time of great change.  With change comes the testing of our faith.  Through the story of Moses, we will learn together what it means to leave some things behind as we follow God forward in faith.  What does it cost to live a life which brings glory to God?

Pleasant Prairie is located northwest of Sublette.  On Highway 83, head north from Sublette.  Turn west on Highway 160. Turn north again on Road EE, following the signs.  For more detailed directions, please follow this link.