An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


Moscow United Methodist Church

Jul 23, 2017, Moscow, KS

Moses is a vivid illustration of a simple, ordinary person’s story being used to display God’s miraculous power.  This Sunday we will look together at Moses’ life story from the book of Exodus.  Moses was born a slave, but grew up in a palace.  When he tried to rescue his own people from slavery, he ended up killing an Egyptian.  He chose to run away to another country to hide from Pharaoh.  There, forty years later, God found him herding sheep in the desert.  God asked him to give up his shepherding, and go back to Egypt to rescue the Israelite people from slavery.

I love this story.  God didn’t give up on Moses, but He sure did ask Moses to do the hard thing:  Give up the safe job in the desert, and trust God to use him to do something miraculous.

What about you?  What’s God been asking you to do?

Moscow Methodist Church is located at 300 Ransom Street in Moscow.  Their services begin at 11:00 a.m. each Sunday.  For more information about Moscow United Methodist Church, call 620-598-2426.