An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


Lake Center Baptist Church

Feb 20, 2019, Monkey Island, OK

Thank You Tour

Lake Center Baptist

GIG Student Ministry

29020 S. Hwy 125

5:45 p.m.


I’m super excited to continue my Thank You Tour to students at Lake Center Baptist Church! Their youth pastor, Tyson Murphy was my children’s youth pastor.  His ministry meant a great deal to all four of us.

Because this event is part of their regular program and includes a meal, you will need to speak with Tyson if you wish to attend this event.

I spent a lot of time with teenagers after my kids graduated to heaven. Their presence brought me comfort and their heart-felt questions gave me the freedom to express myself and my sorrow. Although the students of Lake Center never met Janessa and Jayden, I am sure that many of them have already faced tragedy and pain in their short lives.  I want to show them how to find hope, even when life looks hopeless.