An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


First Church of God

Jul 31, 2016, Elkhart, KS

It was amazing to be back with the First Church of God in Elkhart.  I am rejoicing with them as they welcome a new pastor to their congregation the first week of August.  It’s been a long wait, but this loving church has been faithful to their Lord in the process.

We talked together this morning about “Lions and Bears.”  It was lions and bears that David fought as he cared for the sheep. That’s how he learned that God could do anything – including rescue David and the sheep from fierce predators.  As time went on, David found himself face to face with the giant named Goliath.  Remembering what he had seen God do,  David trusted his God to rescue him again.

What has happened in your life that has convinced you that God can do anything?  Those are the things that God will use to remind you that you can trust Him in the future.