An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


First Church of God

Mar 6, 2016, Elkart, KS

Last month I shared with the wonderful people of Elkhart about the Sovereignty of God.  When difficult things happen, we often find ourselves with lots of questions for God that we aren’t sure if we can ask.  During our time together January 31 at First Church of God, we talked about what questions are ok to ask God, and which ones aren’t, using several characters from the Bible to illustrate both the questions and God’s responses.

Often it is our unanswered why questions that make us struggle with trusting our Holy and Loving God. On March 6, we will continue that discussion by asking the question, “How do I rebuild trust in God when I’ve lost trust in Him?”

I hope you will join us there at First Church of God, 306 Morton, in Elkhart Kansas.