An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


Awaken Women’s Ministry

Nov 11, 2017, Garden City, KS

Awaken Women’s Ministry is an outreach of Bible Christian Church in its 3rd year of existence.  Women from all denominations and backgrounds gather every second Saturday from September through April to encourage each other in their walk with the Lord. This year’s theme is “We need Jesus in….” Each month will address a different need in our lives, and discuss how to allow Jesus to meet that need.

November 11, 2017
Brunch and Childcare provided.
“We need Jesus as Sovereign God in times of crisis and tragedy.”


When tragedy enters our lives, we naturally question the Sovereignty of God.  Why did He allow this to happen? Why didn’t He fix it? Why can’t I feel His presence anymore? Why does a loving God let horrible things happen? Do we even have the right to ask these questions to an almighty God?

These are questions I asked following the accident which took the lives of my children and my husband. Come see what I have discovered about God through my experience with deep loss.

Bible Christian Church is located at 1501 E. Mary, Garden City, KS. The event will be held in the gym, on the north side of the road. Register here.