An ordinary woman with an extraordinary story


South Church of God

May 7, 2017, Liberal, KS

Moses was born an ordinary child in the midst of horrible circumstances.  His countrymen were slaves, and he was destined to die upon birth. God intervened in Moses’ life in a mighty way, and saved his life.  As the years went by, Moses tried to help his people and failed.  As a result, he ran away and became a shepherd.

What happened when God found Moses and gave him a new, huge assignment?  Was Moses willing to take a risk and believe God would do what He said He would do?  Why did God require Moses to throw down his shepherd’s staff?  Come this weekend to South Church of God and find out!

God used the story of Moses to speak to me concerning my own life this last month.  I will share the story with everyone in worship.  I hope you will come.

South Church of God

635 S. Washington, Liberal, KS

Service begins at 10:30